Frequently Ask & Questions

1 Whats the process of transferring chips to customers
We meet our customers on an empty table and we deliberately lost hand and let the customer win. By this way our chips are transferred from our account to the customers account. For doing this the customers must come online from a desktop computer and should have Google Chrome and Team Viewer installed in it. Our support person will do this process for you under your watch.

Second method is, by adding us friend on facebook you can also take the chips yourself and can also take from cellphones/ tablet by joining us as online buddy on texas holdem poker application.
2How much time will it take to transfer chips after making payment
It will take hardly a few minutes. The support representative will check the payment that you had made and will transfer you the chips right away.
3Are we legit
Yes, we have been in this business and selling zynga poker chips for years now. We never had a single complaint from any of our customer so far. In start you might have a trust issue, you must be thoughtful whether you should buy from us or not.

But this is a common issue and we suggest our new customers to buy small amount of chips first. As you once buy from us you will get to know about our legitimacy and you will keep on buying from us that's our promise.
4Will my game account get banned / disabled?
You run the risk of getting your game account banned / disabled if you purchase chips from 3rd party sellers like us.We always take extra precaution when we deliver your chips so as to avoid these unfortunate incidents.Though not 100% foolproof, our safe and responsible delivery methods will minimize the risk of your accounts getting banned. .

Please note, we will not be held responsible for any banned / disabled accounts or any loss of your order AFTER the order has been delivered to you
5Refund Policy
We provide refund on two basis 1. On demand of the customer before the delivery of chips

2. If for any technical reason can not transfer the chips to customer

But we do not provide refund after the order has been successfully processed and customer has received the chips
6My question is not here
For any other question that arises in your mind you can contact our online support personnel or email to info@vivachips.com